BOOM! TRUMP BREAKS THE INTERNET! More People Watched the Trump-Tucker Interview than Total Voters in the 2020 US Election – Over 230 Million Views and Counting! | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft


Former President Donald Trump speaks with Tucker Carlson in a Wednesday interview on
Former President Donald Trump speaks with Tucker Carlson in a Wednesday interview on “Tucker on X.” (@TuckerCarlson / Twitter video screen shot)

President Trump skipped the FOX News Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Instead President Trump joined former FOX News host on Twitter-X for a sit-down interview.

While the GOP candidates were fighting on stage over how much money to send to Ukraine where it can disappear into infinity, President Trump and Tucker discussed issues that really matter to the American people. Tucker discussed the endless and futile funding of NATO’s War against Russia, the radical change in the Democrat Party (Communist takeover), the dangers against President Trump, President Trump’s promise to the American people.

Trump did not need to worry about being a punchbag for the RINOs and Murdochs like he would have been on a FOX News stage.

It was another exceptional choice made by President Trump.

In the first hours last night the Trump-Tucker video had over 70 million views.

The Trump-Tucker interview has OVER 230 MILLION VIEWS as of Thursday morning. It will continue to climb in the days ahead!

This is outstanding!

For the record – That’s more views that the total number of counted voters (stolen and otherwise) in the 2020 US election.

What a turnout!

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is eating a purple slushie and nobody cares… but 81 million votes!