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CIA Files- Stargate

CIA Stargate Files HUMAN PARANORMAL CAPABILITIES; STAR GATE was an umbrella term for the Intelligence Community effort that used remote viewers who claimed to use clairvoyance, precognition, or telepathy to acquire and describe information about targets that were blocked from ordinary perception. The records include documentation of remote viewing sessions, training, internal memoranda, foreign assessments, …

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Publications Operation Virus Version 3 Covid-19 The Great Reset Klaus Schwab Pandemic Influenza Implementaion Plan May 2006 1974 The Kissinger Report Agenda 21 Agenda 2030 Event 201 – Full Link Event 201 Model Description Event 201 Finance_Fact_Sheet_10_9_19 Event 201 MCM_Fact Sheet 10_9_19 Event 201 CAPS Fact Sheet 10_9_19 Event 201 Communications Fact Sheet 10_14_19 Video …

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