ENRIQUE TARRIO TELLS ALL AFTER SENTENCING- “The FEDS Asked Me To LIE About President Trump In Order To Indict Him!!” AUDIO!! Plus TWITTER SPACE with Tarrio this Friday at 8 PM EST! | The Gateway Pundit | by Cara Castronuova

“They asked me to LIE about President Trump in order to indict him,” Enrique Tarrio exclusively told the Gateway Pundit. “I told them to pound sand, and because I refused to lie about President Trump it cost me twenty-two years of my life.”

“The truth is, I could have been home,” said Tarrio. “I could have been home a long time ago. I could be in my warm ass bed right now, laughing at the world, without a problem…and all I had to do in order to do that WAS LIE ABOUT TRUMP. All I had to do was confirm a lie.”

Tarrio opened up to the Gateway Pundit after he was sentenced to decades in prison by the Dishonorable Judge Kelly on Tuesday. He told us that the prosecutors in the Department of Justice attempted to coerce him into signing a false statement that would implicate President Trump by swearing that “through several degrees of separation and connections, Tarrio had communicated with Trump regarding ‘plans’ for January 6th.” 


Tarrio will join us on Friday night for a Twitter Space and give us more details. JOIN US ON FRIDAY NIGHT AT 8PM EST.

“Everything they wanted me to say is fabricated,” said Tarrio. “It was a lie. I refused to sign their work of fiction. I want to be unequivocally clear- I have no connection to President Trump or anyone in his family whatsoever. The connection simply just does NOT exist and never did. They literally wanted me to lie.”

In March of 2022, Tarrio was arrested in an FBI pre-dawn raid of his home. The Regime took him away in his underwear.

The January 6th Unselect Committee, Biden Regime and the Department of Injustice have been salivating like rabid dogs since Day 1 to find a way to connect President Trump to the Proud Boys. Even after their alleged illegal tactics, they failed to make the connection, AS IT DOES NOT EXIST. Their January 6th Indictment of President Trump makes no mention of the Proud Boys, although they tried for years to fabricate one.

“This is how they are going to try to present evidence for Trump’s trial,” said Tarrio. “Find a bunch of people that do not want to go to jail to make up a story just to avoid jail time.”

God only knows how many more people the Department of Injustice will try to get to lie about President Trump in their diabolical quest to keep him out of office. Apparently, they have already arm-barred an employee of President Trump into entering a cooperation deal and acting as a prosecution witness in the case accusing Trump of mishandling classified documents. According to breaking news by Reuters, “The deal was reached after U.S. Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office threatened to prosecute the witness, who is the head of information technology at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida resort.”


Tarrio told us the DOJ approached him with their bogus cooperation deal around October of 2022, right before Jack Smith was appointed as Special Counsel to Harass Trump and towards the end of the January 6th Unselect Committee hearings.

Matthew Graves, head prosecutor for the Biden Regime’s DOJ, smiles in his office while hundreds of January 6th political prisoners languish in prison. He led the prosecution in the Proud Boys trial and said that January 6th investigations are FAR FROM OVER. Photo: Courtesy of The Washington Post.

This information must reach the ears of Congress. According to legal experts, the Department of Justice has allegedly broken the law if they indeed attempted to coerce a defendant into lying in a cooperation deal- and in this case about A PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BEFORE AN ELECTION.

Tarrio also asked us to make a public plea to the House Republicans and the Judiciary Committee. This is his plea to Jim Jordan and other House Republicans-

“I am formally asking the Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government for an opportunity to be heard. I believe I have information that must be investigated by the members of Congress. I fear our Justice system is currently being used to indict and incarcerate American citizens based on their political viewpoint and I have information that I believe to be crucial and imperative to your investigations. I do not seek this matter to be a public spectacle. My only concern is that the liberty of American citizens is being used by this administration for political gain. I implore you, Representatives of the People, please allow me to explain to you these concerns. It is of the highest importance and has ramifications as far as the highest office of the United States. Thank You, Enrique Tarrio”


Tarrio honorably refused to sign the Feds unscrupulous cooperation deal and opted to tell the truth. Instead of lying and screwing over President Trump and all his supporters, Tarrio instead took his chances and opted to go to trial in the Kangaroo Courtroom of Washington D.C.  This reporter remembers how hopeful Tarrio was in the American Judicial system, and how he truly believed he would be found not-guilty once a jury saw the incredible amount of exculpatory evidence. This reporter did not have the heart to tell him at the time, but knew he was wrong. It was heartbreaking to witness.

Even after mounds of exculpatory evidence proving his innocence, Tarrio was found guilty of “Seditious Conspiracy” as the prosecutors used the unconstitutional “Tools Theory” and other KGB-like tactics to persuade the biased jury to find him guilty. (See below for an explanation of the “Tools Theory”).

Here is a longer version of part of Enrique’s statement in audio format and transcribed below:

“I have been really quiet with everything, because there is a lot going on and I didn’t want to affect the trial. Plus, I wanted to let the system to play out as it should play out, and obviously itdid not play out like it should.

The truth is, I could have been home. I could have been home a long time ago. I could have been sitting in my warm ass bed right now, laughing at the world, without a problem…and all I had to do in order to do that was LIE ABOUT TRUMP. That’s all I had to do. All I had to do was lie, confirm a lie…not even lie…all I had to do was confirm a lie.


Just to be clear, I have no connection to Trump whatsoever. Absolutely no connection between me and Trump or me and any of his aids or any of that. I mean think about it, right? Let’s stop to think about it right now. They arrested him on the 1512, right? Obstruction an Official Proceeding. But if you read the indictment, they are not really connecting Trump to the protesters on January 6th that day. They are saying he obstructed an official proceeding by doing certain things, by calling Georgia, or whatever other bullshit that they want to come up with. So they haven’t connected Trump to the protest- to what happened at the Capitol that day. How nice, how beautiful would it be, to also have him connected to a person that they supposedly say coordinated the whole thing, right? It would be fantastic for their case. It would be an emotional pull. It technically can get him for Seditious Conspiracy at that point…if they have a connection they can get him for Seditious Conspiracy- which might take him off the ballot in all 50 states.

So, let me explain it in the easiest terms possible.

(*Here Tarrio explains the statement the Feds wanted him to sign off on).

‘You have friends that have friends that have friends…that probably know somebody that worked at the White House at that time, right? But you don’t know what those connections are, because you don’t know who the friend of the friend of the friend is, who they talked to or anything like that. But if somebody were to sit in front of you and be like- hey look this person knows this person and this person knows this person and then there was a message from Trump that kind of echoes something that you said at some point…were you two messaging each other in between those, was that a message to each other, were you communicating amongst those people that you have no idea that the connection exists? It will be an easy connection, and all somebody like me has to do was confirm ‘Yes, yes. That connection was there. I knew it was there and that’s how we communicated. That’s how we got things done.’

They are coming to get him by getting people to lie the witnesses that are going to go to trial in his case are LIARS.”

A free Enrique Tarrio advocating for the Proud Boys detained in D.C. Jail before his arrest in March of 2022. Tarrio had no idea the Regime would come for him, as he was not in Washington D.C. on January 6th.

This reporter has done numerous articles on Enrique Tarrio over the past two years, and he always specifically asked me NOT to ask the public for help. Early on, he expressed the desire to pay for his own legal expenses and had the means to do so at the time. At this point, his life savings have been depleted defending himself against the Biden Regime. For the first time, he is asking the American Public for help. Please help Enrique Tarrio pay for his appeal and hopefully give him back decades of precious life. If they can do this to Enrique, they can do it to you. Please help Enrique Tarrio fight for his life. He genuinely is asking you for the first time for help. 


“When will the Republican Congress stand up and do their job,” asked Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “Investigate these judges, subpoena their communications with Department of Justice prosecutors like Matthew Graves and Jocelyn Ballantine. Open an overall investigation into the trials of January 6th! We the People are sick and tired of being in the party of the weak. Are they embarrassed of the people that got them elected? Is that why they refuse to stand up for us?”

“If they tried to get Tarrio to lie about a President of the United States in order to indict him to keep him from running again, isn’t that election interference?” asked John Tabacco of Newsmax.

Enrique Tarrio (Republican Party) ran for election to the U.S. House to represent Florida’s 27th Congressional District in 2020.


When we asked Tarrio what his initial reaction was to his sentencing he said:

“I had Stockholm Syndrome. I thought he (Judge Kelly) was going to give me 27, 28, 30 years. When he gave me 22, I was happy for a second…then I really thought about it and realized ‘what am I happy about?’ It is A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. I feel numb. I can’t even say I feel bad or good. I am just numb. I’m like…this is America. This is unreal to me. I don’t think it ever will be real. I don’t think I will wake up tomorrow and it will hit me. I don’t think that will happen.


This unconstitutional “tools theory” is a terrifying argument now used successfully by the Department of Injustice against citizens of the United States. The “tools” argument is an abhorrent violation of the Constitution and the end of the First Amendment right to protest.

For example , the “tools theory” basically argues if someone heard a Proud Boy shout a chant in a megaphone like “Whose House, Our House!” and a second protester walking nearby then fist bumped another third protester, and then that third protester threw a water bottle at a police officer, then the Proud Boy with the megaphone is responsible for the water bottle being thrown at the cop, or a window being smashed by a fourth protester nearby. Even if the Proud Boys never met the person or had absolutely nothing to do with their actions, according to the Government that person would become a “tool” of the Proud Boys and his unrelated violent action could be used as evidence to convict the Proud Boys of Seditions Conspiracy.


“Who would want to go to a rally and participate knowing they can be found guilty for the actions of others there that day,” asked Tina Ryan of Citizen Against Political Persecution. “This is one of the most un-American ruling in history, and no one even knows about it. They will now continue to use this “tools argument” to persecute American protesters unless it is struck down in a higher court.”

It is this reporter’s strong belief that the Proud Boys trial was the Government’s test run for their diabolical plan to indict and attempt to convict President Trump on Seditions Conspiracy, using Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio as a pseudo-Trump. They were able to convince the jury that Tarrio (who was not present at January 6th) used the crowd as his “tools” and they plan on using the same exact strategy on President Trump in the coming year.

A proud and patriotic Enrique Tarrio marches with the Proud Boy drinking fraternity and an American flag, oblivious to the fact that he would become the most recognizable political prisoner of the country he loves so much.


…and remember, in the end GOD WINS.

Cara Castronuova is co-Founder of C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution).

Cara is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can watch her on Newsmax at 10PM EST every Saturday night, 11:30PM EST on Sundays and 6:00AM EST on “Wiseguys”. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram  @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook & suing them for colluding with the Biden Regime to violate her First Amendment Rights.  You can contact Cara at www.caracastronuova.com if you have any tips.

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