EXCLUSIVE: Lara Trump’s Tom Petty Cover Song SMASHES #2 on iTunes – CONFIRMED to Debut on Multiple Billboard Charts This Week After “Blatant Efforts to Suppress” By Advertisers, Streaming Platforms | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson

EXCLUSIVE: Lara Trump’s Tom Petty Cover Song SMASHES #2 on iTunes – CONFIRMED to Debut on Multiple Billboard Charts This Week After “Blatant Efforts to Suppress” By Advertisers, Streaming Platforms

Lara Trump discussed the censorship of her song in an exclusive interview with TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson.

Lara Trump’s Tom Petty cover song, despite massive censorship, has appeared on the Apple Music and Amazon charts, and it is confirmed to debut on multiple billboard charts this week.

The song peaked at #2 on iTunes’ country genre, outperforming Zach Bryan’s ‘I Remember Everything’ and Oliver Anthony’s ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’!

It also peaked at #4 on Amazon Music’s new country genre:

As The Gateway Pundit reported, immediately following the release of Lara Trump’s ‘I Won’t Back Down‘ (which is now a hit!), she faced massive censorship and received countless complaints of shadow banning online.

In addition to censorship from music streaming platforms, a billboard advertiser in Times Square removed Lara’s name and her song’s title from what was supposed to be an ad for millions to see. Instead, it was just a photo of Lara on a horse! The Gateway Pundit reported on this debacle and an exclusive interview where Lara hinted at legal action over this discrimination. Newsweek and other outlets even wrote hit pieces about Lara and the song, calling it a “cheap move” at the nasty leftist Petty Family.

In response to the insane breach of Lara’s rights and her contract by the advertiser, as comical as it was, she told The Gateway Pundit, “Probably if my last name was Biden, I could assume they’d put it up there.”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “Probably if My Last Name was Biden, I Could Assume They’d Put it Up There” – NYC Billboard Company Edits Lara Trump’s Name and Song Title Out of Times Square Advertisement, Trump Suggests Possible Legal Action

Still, The Gateway Pundit recently reported that the debut song from Lara Trump and First Class Records did exceedingly well on its first day of release despite censorship and shadow banning on Apple and Spotify. You can listen to the full song here:

Now, it’s another hit by Mailman Media and its new sub-label, First Class Records!

Mailman Media is the same production team that brought us ‘Justice for All,’ featuring Donald Trump and the J6 Choir. As The Gateway Pundit reported, the hit single reached number one on the Billboard Charts and iTunes.

The Gateway Pundit also reported that Kari Lake’s hit single with Mailman Media, ’81 Million Votes My Ass,’ appeared on multiple Billboard charts and hit number one on two Billboard charts. The song also reached number one on iTunes and number 3 on Amazon Music!

Their latest single with the Truth Bombers and The Radikals, featuring a parody of Eric Clapton’s hit ‘Cocaine,’ is available here.

First Class Records label president LJ Fino told The Gateway Pundit, “First Class Records is proud to announce that our inaugural release & Lara Trump’s first single, ‘I Won’t Back Down,’ will debut on the Billboard Digital Song Sales Chart, the Billboard Country Digital Song Sales chart, and potentially three additional Billboard charts- Emerging Artists, First Timers, & Hot Country Singles.”

Americans are tired of the woke garbage music and bullsh*t coming out of leftwing Hollywood. They want to support America First artists.

This success is proof that you should never cower” to the leftwing mob and their media cronies, said Lara Trump.

Trump exclusively told The Gateway Pundit yesterday, “I never dreamed that this record would reach number 2 on the iTunes country chart — to be sandwiched between Toby Keith and Zach Bryan is mind-boggling for someone who hasn’t made music my career. To be recognized on the prestigious Billboard chart, despite the blatant efforts to suppress it, is incredible!”

“I am truly humbled and honored by all of the people who listened and downloaded over the past week,” she added.

When asked if she thinks conservatives can take the entertainment industry back from the radical left, considering the success of her song, previous songs, and celebrities like Steve Will Do It and Joe Rogan, Lara said, “I hope we have turned a corner as a country and start focusing on entertainment and not political leanings. I went into this knowing that people would take cheap shots at me purely out of political motivation — this success is proof that you should never cower.”

Listen to the song below:

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