Jury Indicts School Employee Who Was Caught On Video Apparently Knocking Autistic Child To The Floor

A grand jury has indicted a former Dayton Public Schools paraprofessional on assault and child endangering charges, Dayton 24/7 reported.

The jury indicted Darrick T. Sorrells, 56, on one count of fourth degree felony Assault and two counts of Endangering Children, Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. said Thursday, according to Dayton 24/7.

Heck Jr. claims Sorrells is the employee who can be seen in an Aug. 21 video apparently chasing 3-year-old Braylen Tootle down the hallway of Rosa Parks Early Childhood Learning Center before allegedly hitting him on the head, according to Atlanta Black Star. The alleged blow apparently knocked the boy to the floor. Sorrells then apparently picked him up and carried him by the ankles to his classroom. (RELATED:  Video Shows School Worker Hitting 3-Year-Old Boy With Autism In Head, Attorney Alleges)

The former Dayton Public Schools para-professional caught on camera knocking a child with autism to the ground and picking him up by his ankles has been charged. 56-year-old Darrick Sorrells faces multiple charges. Jenilee borek is following this update for us. pic.twitter.com/MUci30NrmW

— Dayton 24/7 Now (@dayton247now) September 26, 2023

The child’s parents reportedly said they were initially unaware about the severity of the incident. However, child services later gave the parents a video that revealed the seriousness of Sorrells’ actions, Atlanta Black Star reported.

The school reportedly did not immediately fire Sorrells.

“They shouldn’t have sent him home pending investigation,” the boy’s mother said, per Atlanta Black Star. “He should have left that school in handcuffs.”

Heck said Sorrells’ actions amounted to child abuse, Dayton 24/7 reported.

“The video of this incident is simply outrageous,” he said. “No child should ever be subjected to such cruelty, and it is made worse by the fact the offender is a school employee. This child, his parents, and our community should expect and deserve better from our school employees.”

Sorrell emphasized employers need to know who they’re hiring, per Dayton 24/7.

“Fitness for duty will be measured in terms of job qualification, training, and social-emotional health and well-being,” Dayton Public Schools interim superintendent David Lawrence said, according to Dayton Daily News. “As a reminder, the safety of all students is our utmost priority, and we would like to thank families for their support as we work to ensure a safe school environment for all learners.”

Sorrells is expected to surrender and face charges October 19, according to Heck Jr. Sorrels could face more than a year in prison if convicted, Dayton 24/7 reported.