FACT CHECK: Posts Claims Ukrainian Challenger 2 Tank Was Not Destroyed

Social media posts are claiming Russia didn’t destroy a Ukrainian Challenger 2 tank.

Slight issue….

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— Gunny (@FouthTimeLucky) September 5, 2023

Verdict: False

The video does show a Ukrainian Challenger 2 tank, according to multiple media outlets and independent analysts. The United Kingdom Defense Secretary confirmed the Challenger 2 tank was destroyed.

Fact Check:

Ukraine is continuing its offensive in the south, making gains around the village of Verbove and trying to punch through Russia’s defensive lines, according to The New York Times. A video of a destroyed Challenger 2 tank began circulating on social media, with some social media users stating that the video’s caption was inaccurate. (RELATED: Russia Today Headline Claiming Prigozhin’s Pilot Had Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Is Fabricated)

However, the video does show a Ukrainian Challenger 2 tank. Multiple media outlets, such as the Guardian and Bloomberg, reported that the tank was indeed a Challenger 2. Furthermore, independent analysts such as Oryx Blog, a website that tracks military equipment losses in the Russian-Ukrainian War, and UA Weapons Tracker stated that the tank was a Challenger 2.

#Ukraine: A Ukrainian Challenger 2 tank was destroyed near Robotyne, #Zaporizhzhia Oblast. A damaged T-64BV and two destroyed IMVs can be seen too.

This is the first confirmed loss of this tank in Ukraine and is also the first one ever destroyed by enemy action. pic.twitter.com/hFWkYQ8XSV

— 🇺🇦 Ukraine Weapons Tracker (@UAWeapons) September 5, 2023

A “Western defense source” told BBC News that the tank was hit by a mine, forcing the crew to abandon the tank before being destroyed by a Russian Lancet loitering munition. U.K. Defense Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed to Sky News that the Challenger 2 tank was destroyed in Ukraine and said it was hit by artillery.

The Defence Secretary confirms to @KayBurley that a Challenger 2 tank has been lost in Ukraine after it was ‘hit by Russian artillery’.@grantshapps adds that the UK won’t be sending a replacement to Ukraine.https://t.co/xItZsH7tea

📺 Sky 501, Freeview 233 and YouTube pic.twitter.com/ezJQywtOjG

— Sky News (@SkyNews) September 6, 2023

Misinformation around the Russian-Ukrainian war is not new. Check Your Fact recently debunked a video claiming to show Russian President Vladimir Putin at Wagner Group founder Yevengy Prigozhin’s funeral.