RFK Jr. And His Wife Went On Tim Dillon, And It’s A Must-Watch

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife, Cheryl Hines, appeared on “The Tim Dillon Show” Saturday, and it was an absolute must-watch.

There seems to be this ridiculous and utterly unfounded reputation around RFK Jr. that he says outrageous things and shouldn’t be listened to. Those who think this clearly haven’t taken the time to listen to the prospective president, and are doing themselves an injustice by ignoring him.

He might be one of the only people in American politics who actually cares about the country, not just his own celebrity. And while he might not be everyone’s cup of tea for president, RFK Jr. is clearly a hyper-intelligent man, and has no problem sharing opinions that seemingly all other presidential candidates are too scared to even approach. (RELATED: RFK Jr. Claims DNC Created New Rules To Steal Votes From Other Candidates)

During the 90-minute episode of Dillon’s podcast, I wasn’t expecting hyperbole, hysteria, or conspiracy theories — mostly because I’d taken the time to watch his Joe Rogan episode and found it utterly enthralling. The same should be said for Dillon’s interview, which came as a huge surprise (Dillon isn’t exactly known for serious conversations).

The episode started with Dillon asking about RFK Jr.’s stance on homelessness and drug addiction in California, particularly in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I didn’t love how RFK Jr. pretty much ignored the drug crisis, and focused mainly on the homeless issue, and why this is largely perpetuated by a lack of affordable housing.

The “affordable housing” line is a party trick for most Democrats, but RFK Jr. took it to a whole new level. He pointed directly at three major corporations and their leadership, who are trying to claim ownership of 60 percent of America’s residential real estate by 2030.

I’d mentioned this claim in a previous article, and was contacted by BlackRock (one of the three major corporations) which tried to deny RFK Jr.’s claim. When I asked the BlackRock spokesperson to prove he was lying, they stopped contacting me … weird, eh? (RELATED: ‘Do Your F*cking Job’: James Van Der Beek Goes On Absolutely Epic Rant Against DNC)

From here, RFK Jr., Dillon, and Hines covered everything from the Ukraine-Russia War to national parks, and a whole host of other topics that Americans should care about (not just what music each candidate likes).

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I highly recommend watching this episode of “The Tim Dillon Show,” so you can actually be informed on RFK Jr. and his political positions. I guarantee you’ll learn a lot, and probably won’t think he’s crazy anymore.