“It’s None of Your Business!” – FBI Refused to Tell Mother of Disabled Veteran Why They Stormed Her Home – Then Proceeded to Shoot and Kill her Disabled Veteran Son Theodore Deschler in Pre-Dawn Raid – No New Details Released | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

The FBI shot up the home of a disabled veteran and shot him dead in a predawn raid in Henderson, Tennessee. The family wants answers.

There are still no answers from the FBI on why they found it necessary to raid the home of a disabled US veteran and shoot him dead on the morning of August 16th.

Theodore Deschler was shot and killed when FBI agents raided his home near Henderson, Tennessee.

Now Deschler’s family are looking for answers. There is still no news from the government on why they had to break out the windows, toss smoke bombs into the home, and then shoot Deschler who was unarmed at the time.

The story first broke on local WBBJ on August 16th. WBBJ was tipped off by a local viewer about the shooting.

No more major media or local media covered the story. It was buried for another week when WBBJ posted a second report a week later on August 23rd.

The family says the FBI still to this day refuses to tell them why they conducted the raid and killed Deshler.

Brother Russell Deschler spoke with reporters last week. “There’s three up front and two on the sides they broke out… they were shooting flash…… smoke grenades.”

The FBI told Deschler’s mother who was at home at the time, “It’s none of your business,” when she asked them why they were there at her home.

According to the suspect’s mother who chose not to appear on camera, she was at the residence at the time. According to her, the FBI beat on the door and when she answered they pulled her out of the residence and put her in the back of a police vehicle. When she asked why they were there she was told, “It’s none of your business” by the agents. She told us the entire incident was probably 15 minutes from the time the agents arrived to when her son was shot.

“It was a senseless act. You know Teddy was a 100% disabled veteran. He had problems. He had severe PTSD. He had depression but he was getting help for it but this was senseless. He didn’t have a weapon on him. He was just trying to get out of the house because it was filled with tear gas,” Deschler said.

The family believes that Theodore was unarmed. They believe from the location of where the FBI agent took the shot through the garage window, you couldn’t see into the kitchen. The garage was full of old furniture, an old fridge, plus a door in the garage that Theodore was standing behind.

The Chester County Independent is the only other mainstream outlet that covered the FBI shooting.

There have been no new details after 10 days.