Sage Steel Leaves Woke ESPN to ‘Exercise First Amendment Rights More Freely’ | The Gateway Pundit | by Margaret Flavin

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele is speaking out after leaving the woke Disney owned network after an impressive 16 year career.

Steel was suspended in 2021 for comments criticizing Disney for its vaccine mandate and rebuking former President Obama for identifying as Black instead of biracial.

The comments came during an interview on former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler’s podcast.

Two weeks ago, Steele settled a lawsuit against the network, after a two year battle, which alleged that ESPN was in breach of contract.

Steele joined Brian Kilmeade on  “One Nation” Saturday, and shared more about her decision to depart the network so she can “exercise [her] First Amendment rights more freely.”

“I didn’t know what my line was until it was crossed,” Steele said.

“And then I knew I had to make the hardest decision of my life to fight back against the company that I literally… I love my job. When you stand up, and you have a lawsuit, you know that that’s going to go away. And I was so scared. But I knew that I had to push through that fear and fight or else shut up and stay silent.”

Steele has received support from others who have faced the backlash of bravely speaking out including Former NBA player Enes Freedom.

Freedom has been a  passionate advocate for human rights, defended female athletes and  consistently called out the woke hypocrisy of the left.

Freedom praised Steele’s bravery saying on X, “Sage Steele is one brave woman who loves America & cares about freedom. She is a fearless role model for many & we need more brave people like her.#IStandWithSage, we stand with @sagesteele because she stands for the truth & holds hypocritical people & companies accountable.”