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‘What happens when the majority of humans tell them no we won’t comply?’

Hollywood star James Woods is sounding the alarm about the desire of global powers to keep the world’s populace in extreme captivity, saying, “They want you in chains. Not visible, but in chains.”

In a message posted on X Wednesday, the actor specified examples of invisible shackles to keep people in bondage.

“Electric cars, that can be traced and turned off by them. Electric heat, electronic currency, traceable phones, ‘cookies,’ medical ‘passports,’ masks.”

Woods was commenting on a brief video he shared listing the so-called reasons and excuses given by government authorities and leftists for draconian lockdowns and restrictions related to the COVID pandemic.

The video displays a short statements that the public was told about the coronavirus restrictions:

“It’s just a mask.

“It’s just two meters. (six feet)

“It’s just three weeks.

“It’s just non-essential businesses.

“It’s just non-essential workers.

“It’s just until we work it out.

“It’s just a bar.

“It’s just a restaurant.

“It’s just care homes.

“It’s just schools.

“It’s just to keep overwhelming medical services.

“It’s just until the cases go down.

“It’s just to flatten the curve.

“It’s just to keep others from being scared.

“It’s just for a few more weeks.

“It’s just gyms, salons, spas & sport.

“It’s just churches & mosques.

“It’s just singing.

“It’s just no happy birthday, no shared cakes.

“It’s just some floor markings & temporary screens.

“It’s just a one-way system.

“It’s just until we get a vaccine.

“It’s just an app.

“It’s just for tracing.

“It’s just to let people know you’re safe to be around.

“It’s just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with.

“It’s just some areas.

“It’s just government guidelines.

“It’s just for your own good.

“It’s just for protecting others.

“It’s just mandatory.

“It’s just … the law now.

“It’s just scientific fact.

“It’s just only these scientists, not those.

“It’s just because of the second wave.

“It’s just to save your granny.

“It’s just another lockdown.

“It’s just four more weeks.

“It’s just Christmas canceled.

“It’s just school, they can do it from home.

“It’s just almost a year, it will be better soon.

“It’s just a swab.

“It’s just for medical information.

“It’s just a jab.

“It’s just a card to store your medical history.

“It’s just so you can travel.

“It’s just for your passport.

“It’s just so you can go into stores & pubs.

“It’s just so you can send your kids to school.

“It’s just so you can get your drivers license.

“It’s just so you can vote.

“It’s just so you can go to a concert.

“It’s just a facility, to keep you separate from the others.

“It’s just a few more years.

“It’s just for those people.

“It’s just just better we keep it this way.”

The video concluded with three short statements as a clarion call to resist any future lockdowns and restrictions:

“It’s not just. It’s unjust.”

“Start resisting now.”

“They won’t stop.”

The video, shared originally by National Mouth editor Tim Young, has more than 1.4 million views.

Young himself noted, “Whoever made this is brilliant. Never forget how tyrannical our governments became during just 3 years ago.”

Comments in reaction to the video include:

“Never again.”

“I’ve seen how this movie ends not getting on that train. Come & find me.”

“Total government control. They won’t stop until they have it.”

“The shackle-less slavery system. Why limit yourselves to just a part of the populace when you can have the whole thing?”

“Enslaved people inevitably break those chains. How long will Americans tolerate modern slavery?”

“Orwell 1984 is mild compared to this dystopian nightmare of cradle to grave government and cameras watching every move we make and nothing is sacred, and there would no secrets no privacy, and individual thinking is verboten. Scary times, but believers know Christ is coming back, and in the end, God wins.”

“Mr. Woods … This should be our new Emergency Broadcast Alert System to wake everyone up.”

“As we catapult into a future of digitization, we must not forget the invaluable price of our personal freedoms. We’re being sold a narrative of convenience and progress, but at what cost? Electric cars, digital currencies, traceable phones – these aren’t just advancements in technology, they’re potential chains that can bind us. ‘Cookies’ that track our every move online, medical ‘passports’ that dictate where we can go, masks that have become symbols of compliance rather than safety. We must resist the allure of this gilded cage. It’s time to question who truly benefits from these ‘advancements,’ and whether we’re prepared to trade our freedom for the illusion of progress.”

“What happens when the majority of humans tell them no we won’t comply?”

“It’s just death.”

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