WATCH: “I Have Kids to Feed!” – Radical Climate Activists Terrorize DC Blocking Roadways | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson

Declare Emergency, a radical group dedicated to “non-violent resistance” of fossil fuels while calling for a climate emergency in the United States, has been terrorizing DC residents and tourists recently with illegal protests blocking roadways and closing down museums.

As DC runs rampant with violent crime and criminal “protestors,” corrupt prosecutors are wasting millions in resources to indict President Trump, an innocent man!

These are the same climate change radicals who vandalized art with black and red paint at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and were indicted for conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States and injury to a National Gallery of Art exhibit.

Climate Activists Arrested on Federal Conspiracy Charges for Damaging Degas Display at DC Museum


In another illegal protest on the morning of August 26, the likely paid actors blocked a road in Washington, DC.

Pissed-off drivers are seen screaming at protestors, “I want to go to work,” and “I have kids to feed!” as they rip the climate hoaxers’ flags and signs out of their hands.

The lawless fake protesters were then arrested by police much later.

Watch below: