‘Missing’ Melania Flyers Turn Up At Trump-Attended Event

Have you seen the former First Lady?

Flyers declaring Melania Trump “missing” were found scattered throughout the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa Star Cyclone football game Saturday, which 2024 Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy attended.

Weeks ago, the Trump campaign flew a banner over the Iowa State Fair that said Be Likeable, Ron!

Today, there’s scattered “Missing” flyers all over the rivalry Iowa game — where Trump, DeSantis & several other candidates will both appear. pic.twitter.com/Sv932ulqAr

— Rachel Scott (@rachelvscott) September 9, 2023

“Have you seen this woman??? Where is our First Lady? Why is Donald Trump hiding her? We miss her. Please call 561-832-2600,” a flyer posted on X (formerly Twitter) said in all capital letters. (RELATED: Which GOP Wife Is The Greatest Campaign Asset?)

The phone number on the flyer is the main number listed on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago website. Dialing the phone number directs callers to “Security, Main,” which no one reportedly answers, according to The Messenger.

A “Where’s Melania?” banner attached to a plane was observed flying across the sky as Republican presidential candidate Doug Burgum scootered through the event, video posted to Twitter showed. Similarly, a plane flying a “Be Likeable, Ron!” banner was seen during DeSantis’ interview at the Iowa State Fair in August.

Injured White House hopeful Doug Burgum rides his scooter around the Iowa-Iowa State tailgate, while a plane flies a “WHERE’S MELANIA?” banner overhead pic.twitter.com/QF3MCUBKWa

— Stephanie Murray (@stephanie_murr) September 9, 2023

Although she endorsed Trump’s 2024 re-election bid, Melania has not been seen at campaign events with her husband. This is unlike Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, in which the former First Lady was an active participant.