PURE EVIL: Feds Want to Add Years to Proud Boy Zachary Rehl’s Sentence Because He Spoke with Gateway Pundit and Said His Trial Was Like Something that Would Happen in Communist China | The Gateway Pundit | by Alicia Powe

J6 political prisoner Zachary Rehl is no longer able to afford a private attorney without assistance from the American people.

The government is seeking 30 years in federal prison for Rehl, the head of the Philadelphia chapter of the Proud Boys, for “his role in the Capitol riot.”

Rehl committed no violent crimes on January 6. He walked through the Capitol building on January 6 for merely a few minutes, took a selfie in the building then left the Capitol grounds.

Prosecutors argue the 37-year-old Marine Corps veteran and his allies, former Proud Boys chair Enrique Tarrio, 39, Joseph Biggs. 39, and Ethan Nordean, 33, aimed to foment a revolution on January 6 to keep former President Donald Trump in power in a “terror attack” that left a stain on American democracy.

The government argued that the role that Rehl and Tarrio, Nordean, and Biggs played in “organizing” the Jan. 6, 2021, “attack” on the U.S. Capitol “threatened the bedrock principles of our country’ and warranted the significant punishment,” government lawyers argued in a court filing late Thursday.

Of course, every word of that is a lie.  The DOJ knows this.  They just wanted to destroy these men and their families for being supporters of President Trump and for attending January 6 protests in order to provide protection from leftist groups like Antifa.

Rehl, Tarrio, Nordean, and Biggs were convicted of seditious conspiracy on May 4 by jurors who reside in a district with a 92 percent voting rate for Joe Biden. The selected jurors admitted on the stand that they support Antifa and attended Black Lives Matter rallies and the Women’s Marches, each insisted the Proud Boys are a group of white supremacists and every juror’s face was hidden behind a mask in adherence with unconstitutional Covid protocol the entire duration of the 5-month trial.

The government is urging U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly to deem Rehl, Tarrio, Biggs and Nordean’s conduct “terrorism,” a designation that would result in sharply increased sentences.


The Proud Boys were scheduled to be sentenced today in front of a Washington DC kangaroo court. But the sentencing was postponed.  The families traveled in be with them today but now will be forced to return to the city where their government turned on them.

It was brought to our attention on Wednesday that the federal government is using an interview with The Gateway Pundit against defendant Zachary Rehl.

The ruling regime claims that Rehl spread misinformation when he was interviewed by The Gateway Pundit.

Because of this, the regime contends that he deserves SEVERAL MORE YEARS in prison!

Sentencing package page 141

On Page 142 the regime urges the court to slam Rehl with the maximum penalty for not bowing down to the ruling lords.

In the Biden DOJ statements they were infuriated that Zachary Rehl would have the gall to compare his show trial to the Communist China regime.

And for this he deserves the maximum penalty.

NEVER FORGET: These people want to destroy you.  Today it’s Zachary, tomorrow it’s you or one of your loved ones.

Zachary Rehl did NOTHING wrong.

Please keep Zachary in your prayers.

And Please — Donate to Zachary Rehl if you can.


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