Roseanne Barr touts Trump’s ‘integrity’: ‘Only guy in my Hollywood career who ever returned a favor’ – Washington Examiner

Comedian Roseanne Barr spoke again in favor of her support for former President Donald Trump, which she claimed comes from the personal relationship the two share via a favor he returned to her.

Barr appeared on the Tucker Carlson Encounter in an episode that aired on Saturday. Host Tucker Carlson, known to also be a personal friend of Trump as the two attend sporting events together, asked Barr about what she thought about Trump as a person.

“Well, as I always say, he’s the only guy in my Hollywood career that ever returned a favor,” Barr explained. “He’s the only one who ever returned a favor, and gave me back more than I had given him.”

Barr spoke glowingly of the time the then-business owner lent her the Trump Plaza and Casino in Atlantic City to film her second comedy special with HBO. Trump even escorted her onstage.

“I think he has such integrity. I think he’s like me a lot,” Barr went on. “He tries to be funny, and he is really funny. The guy’s really funny. He’s got great timing, and I laugh. We all laugh. I mean, we all think he’s funny.”


As a comedian, Barr expressed her belief that God has given her the gift “to be alive in a world where the jokes just write themselves.” Barr told Tucker she was grateful to be a comedian today. Her revamped show Roseanne was canceled in 2018 after she fell into controversy with jokes she’d made online.

Trump has featured Barr at his campaign rallies throughout his several presidential bids. She claims she has voted for Trump in every election he’s run.