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Upsurging European Right Wing and Populist Parties Meet in Rome Ahead of European Parliament Elections

A continental shift is in course in Europe, where polls show that right wing and populist parties are set to make big gains in the upcoming European Parliament Elections.

So when some of those ‘far-right’ parties meet, the MSM can’t help but try to muddy the waters as much as they can.

The right wingers are vowing to heavily curb immigration to Europe, as well as to oppose a second five-year term for European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

The surging parties gathered in Rome, galvanized by the polls suggesting they are set to make strong gains in the elections to be held in June.

The Reuters report tries to show that, beyond agreement on toughening immigration rules, some other issues don’t see the same consensus.

“The meeting of the Identity and Democracy (ID) group included delegations from Italy’s League, France’s Rassemblement National (RN), Austria’s Freedom Party (FPO), Portugal’s Chega and Belgium’s Vlaams Belang.

‘A country that does not defend its borders, a European Union …. that does not defend its borders commits murder against its people’,” said Italy’s League leader Matteo Salvini.”

While the ‘mainstream pseudo-conservatives’ are firmly on the Ukrainian side in the war against Russia, ambiguities lie within the ID’s ranks.

“Salvini, who in the past has been a staunch admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said ‘warmongers’ like French President Emmanuel Macron were a problem for Europe, after Paris opened the door to European nations sending troops to Ukraine.”

The Reuters fails to mention the group’s unanimity against the EU’s failing, crippling ‘green’ environmental mandates and policies.

French RN leader Marine Le Pen, who addressed the rally via video link, taunted [Italian Prime Minister Georgia] Meloni – who was not present – suggesting she would support EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for a second mandate.

“‘Giorgia [Meloni]… will you support a second von der Leyen term or not? I believe so. And so you will contribute to worsening the policies that the people of Europe are suffering from so much’, she said, noting her ally Salvini would oppose this.”

ID held a similar meeting in Florence in December, but this time the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, one of its key members which has been hit by widespread lawfare attacks and racism allegations in Germany, was not invited. But American Republican Vivek Ramaswamy was also present.


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