Social Security update: Third round of March payments worth $4,873 goes out in six days – Washington Examiner

The final round of March’s three Social Security payments, worth up to $4,873 for the biggest income earners who retire at 70, will go out to the third group of retirees in less than a week.

The payment will go out to beneficiaries in six days on March 27 for those born on or after the 21st of the month, according to the Social Security Administration’s calendar. 

Every recipient gets just one paycheck, but the week that they get the money is determined by the day of the month they were born. Those born on or before the 20th of the month have already received their payments in one of two earlier disbursements.

The maximum amount a retiree can receive depends on certain factors, such as their age at the time of retirement, the amount they paid into Social Security, and the number of years they paid into the program. But the age of retirement is the biggest factor.

The highest amount that a senior who retires at 70 can get is $4,873 per month. If people retire at the full retirement age of 67, their maximum benefit is $3,822 per month, according to the SSA.

Those who retire at the youngest age possible, which is 62, can only receive up to $2,710 a month.


The 2024 payments include a 3.2% increase, compared to the monthly payments last year, which is part of the annual cost-of-living adjustment.

A more personalized estimate of what each person can expect each month can be found via the SSA’s calculator.