The MSM Smear Machine Turns on Conservative Javier Milei, Most Voted Presidential Candidate in Argentina’s Primary Elections | The Gateway Pundit | by Paul Serran

With presidents Kirchner, Macri and now Fernandez, the leftist ‘peronists’ have transformed Argentina into an unmitigated train-wreck, a decadent country where annual inflation is over 100%.

The situation is so bad that the Argentineans descended from their high horse, left behind their regional leadership pretensions, and go around hat in hand asking the Brazilian government for help.

And yet, if we were to believe the MSM, we’d come to the (wrong) conclusion that the real danger to Argentina is the most voted candidate in the primary elections, Javier Milei.

Take a look at the headlines below, and notice how the leftist machine in the media has started to try and destroy him before the final round of voting in October.

The smear is on!

The most used definition, as you would expect, is ‘far right’, the South-American usual smear to anyone to the right of Che Guevara.

AlJazeera notices the ‘desire for change’ that got Milei to the forefront. How could it be any different in hyperinflation land?

CNN goes from with ‘far-right outsider’, and we know that his crime is the later – not being one of the rotten approved names by the international Globalist network.

The economist does some surprise journalism and labels him as ‘libertarian’, because that’s what he is.

Another attempt to smear him is to call him ‘Trump admirer’, ‘Trump’s fan’, say that he ‘copies Trump playbook’ – but, of course this only endears him to us. Here in Brazil, where I live, they call him ‘Bolsonaro’s fan’ – to the same effect.

The Times of India is undecided in his views, calling him ‘far right rockstar’, which references both his past as a rock musician, and also his present status as by far the most popular politician in Argentina.

To say ‘Pro Bitcoin’ hints at his anti-establishment stance, that creates the manufactured ‘panic’ alluded by Bloomberg.

The Washington Post calls him ‘far right populist’, which is wrong in both turns, but hey – never let a good smear go to waste, right?

El País decided to go all in and call him ‘ultra-right libertarian and anarcho-capitalist’ who ‘represents an angry Argentina’. Once again, how could the voters NOT be angry at their situation?

From now until October, we can expect that the MSM smear machine will ramp up the attacks, label him a ‘danger’ to ‘democracy’, worse than Trump and Bolsonaro – hell, worse than Putin!

The globalist elites and the local leftist networks have detected a existential threat in Javier Milei – and that’s why I support him.