Tyranny? CNN Brazil Host Suggests Mandatory Vaccination with the Bivalent COVID-19 Vaccine | The Gateway Pundit | by Fernando de Castro

CNN Brazil
CNN Brazil’s Elisa Veeck. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/CNN Brazil


CNN Brazil host Elisa Veeck suggested that bivalent COVID-19 vaccines should be compulsory. Her comment caused outrage on social media.

Though the video with Elisa’s statement was published on July 19, it only became popular this week. The speaker critiques the low adoption rate of the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine among the population of Brazil.

While addressing the low vaccine acceptance, Veeck questions a reporter:

“Only 14% of the intended audience has received the immunization shot. Daniella Mallmann, what needs to be done? Physically compel people to go to the health center by grabbing their arms?”

The remarks made by Elisa Veeck received extensive criticism on social media for proposing an approach that may compromise the personal freedoms of citizens who mistrust the safety of the vaccine and decline to receive an additional dose.

Journalist Paula Schmitt, who is known for her inquiries about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, responded to Elisa Veeck by saying:

“Greetings, Elisa Veeck. Do you recommend that people take the bivalent vaccine to prevent everything? Kindly respond:

Can you confirm the safety of this vaccine?

Does it actually confer immunity?

Have you received it? Can you provide evidence?

What is your opinion on a journalist who suggests an untested treatment without using it themselves?”

Another user inquired: “Does she have the authority to tell people to get vaccinated, given that she is not in the healthcare field?”

According to Dr. Francisco Cardoso, a specialist in infectious diseases: “This journalist lacks any sense of shame, decency or character.”

Currently, Elisa Veeck has not responded to the criticisms against her statement.

View Elisa Veeck’s statement on CNN by watching the video (English subtitles available in settings):