Why a Veteran-Owned Freeze-Dried Beef Company Unabashedly Embraces an America First Worldview | The Gateway Pundit | by Promoted Post

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When Whole Cows launched, the owners knew they would be accused of being “right-wing conspiracy theorists.” None of the three founders are vaccinated, all of them vote Republican, and they believe America’s food supply is under attack.

That’s why they launched the company in the first place.

“We recognized last year that the best way we could continue to serve Americans was by offering high-quality meat they could store away for decades if necessary,” said Whole Cows CEO Jason Nelson. “Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure we’re not going to have to wait decades before people will have a hard time getting beef.”

Nelson said they wanted to “continue” serving Americans because as a disabled veteran of both the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines, he’s spent most of his adult life in service. After leaving the military due to the Covid vaccine mandates, he decided to launch a freeze-dried company last year.

He knew from day one that their company would never bow to the “woke” mob.

He decided on two guiding principles: The food they would offer would only be of the highest quality and the company would always embrace an America First mentality.

“We are the only freeze dried, long-term storage food company in America that offers the whole cow,” Nelson said. “These aren’t bags of ‘beef crumbles.’ We offer Ribeye cubes, NY Strip cubes, and Tenderloin cubes. Even our ‘base’ product of premium cubes is made up of Sirloin, Chuck, and the rest of the good meat. All of the filler and scraps from our cows gets sold back to the butcher for their ground beef and sausage.”

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To stay true to their America First pledge, all of their cattle are sourced from the United States and will never be injected with the mRNA vaccines that are currently being developed. These types of vaccines are already being used in pork.

Demand has been high, especially with beef prices on the rise – and the company is already scouting out a second production facility.

“Americans love great beef,” said Nelson. “We sous vide our cubes, freeze dry them, then put them in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers so it’s shelf-stable for at least a decade and likely much longer. Just put it in water or stew for 15 minutes and it returns to nearly its original flavor and nutritional levels, far better then dehydrated or canned beef.”

With the ongoing push to eliminate beef from our food supply and replace it with bugs or lab-grown meat, it behooves Americans to stock up on bags of freeze dried premium beef cubes from Whole Cows.

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