Brazil: Biden-Financed Lula Regime Goes Full Fascist, Arrests Gospel Singer for “Wearing Brazilian Flag”, 8 Other Christian Conservatives | The Gateway Pundit | by Richard Abelson


The leftist Brazilian government continues its persecution of conservatives, arresting gospel singer Fernanda Ôliver and journalist Allan Frutuoso. 8 out of 10 other conservatives were arrested by the Supreme Court’s Federal Police in the Lesa Pátria (Treason) raids, two of them are on the run. 250 patriots remain in prison in Brazil since Jan 8, 2022, including Pastor Chief Serere Xavante.

Fernanda Ôliver was arrested in Goiânia for the crime of singing about God, freedom and patriotism in the capital Brasilia Jan 8, 2022. Soros-infiltrated newspaper O Globo accused the 25-year old beauty of the crime of “wearing the Brazilian flag on her shoulders,” and “using other props, such as caps.”

Fernanda Ôliver sang outside the Federal Army barracks Jan 8, 2022, where tens of thousands of Christian patriots were praying for a miracle to save their country from dictatorship:


Fernanda Ôliver has almost 140,000 followers on Instagram.

The “Brazilian Joe Rogan,” Bruno “Monark” Aiub, was suspended on all social media profiles and fined $75,000 by rogue leftist Judge Alexandre de Moraes, as Gateway Pundit reported.

Journalist Allan Frutuoso was arrested July 26 trying to board a flight to Argentina for the crime of protesting at the Federal Police headquarters in Brasilia on 12/12/2022, after the arrest of Chief Serere.

Yesterday, Aug. 17 at 7:00 a.m., Judge De Moraes sent his private jackbooted Federal Police goon squad to arrest 10 conservatives, 2 of whom managed to escape and are now in hiding:

Rodrigo Lima de Araujo e Silva, Tiago Bezerra Lima e Silva, Dirley País, Isaac Ilis Soares Ferreira, Fernanda Rodrigues Oliveira, Juliana Gonçalves Lopes, Juliano da Silva Martins, and Alexandre Eufrásio were all arrested by De Moraes’ fascist storm troopers.

José Renato Gasperine Junior and Lucas yiuk de Melo managed to escape an are currently in hiding. Monark is in exile in Miami. Now it is up to “Western” social media companies to decide whether they will go along with the fascist assault on free speech.

On Thursday, de-facto fascist dictator De Moraes also authorized his Federal Police to search former President Jair and First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro’s tax and bank accounts.

The Biden Regime “fully supports” the Brazilian coup, State Department shill Ned Price said in January. White House Resident Joe Biden held a virtual meeting with Socialist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Aug. 16, promising the communist criminal $500 million US taxpayer dollars to prop up his dictatorship as the economy collapses.

The Blinken State Department were too rock stupid to realize South American Communists all support China and Russia, not the USA. They’ll take our money though.

Gay leftist journalist Glenn Greenwald contributed to getting convicted criminal Lula da Silva freed from prison 2018 for the Obama-tied billion-dollar Lavo Jato corruption scandal.

Now Greenwald, who lives in Brazil, has realized the danger the Communist government of Lula da Silva poses to journalists like him. “Brazil is the test case to see how far they can go with their censorship,” Greenwald said this week.


You did this, Glenn. And you’re next. Start packing.